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We make having more fun behind your boat easier than ever by offering the best products at the best prices with the best service and support.

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We started with a collection of industry leading websites that were focused on specific categories within the watersports industry. As we continue to grow, our customers have asked for a single shopping solution. Based on that, we've consolidated everything down to WakeMAKERS.com, offering enthusiasts and boat owners everything they need to have the most fun possible when using their boats.

When it comes to building the perfect wake, no one has more experience than our team at WakeMAKERS. Whether it's for surfing, wakeboarding or both, we can plan the perfect system with one hand tied behind our back. All of the best brands, the

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About Us

With our roots firmly grounded in the watersports industry, it became obvious there was an opportunity to provide a better shopping experience for boat owners and watersports enthusiasts around the world.

We started with WakeMAKERS, which has grown into the premier supplier of wakeboard ballast products and accessories. Then we added propellers, marine audio equipement, and eventually every product worth having onboard your boat including wakeboards, surfboards and all of the accessories.

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Have a question or need help having more fun behind your boat? In the industry and have a product you think we should be selling? Contact us via email at sales@wakeshops.com or call us at 503-278-5357.